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Mostly stuff that is better than anything I could ever hope to shit out, or just stuff I found plain funny or interesting. Go nuts.



Five Dollar Sketch Commissions
I will sketch any one character for five bucks, done the way you see above. Three dollars per additional character. Note me if interested! Paypal only. 
Oh jesus, okay. 

So uh, yeah. I've been gone for quite some time, which is totally out of character for me. What happened might you ask? Well shit, I think a more pointed question would be what didn't happen. So I'll do my best to summarize: 

  • I moved from Washington state to Texas. No easy feat, especially considering I dragged a trailer behind me through the second worst traffic in the country. (Houston traffic is quite possibly the closest thing to emulating Hell on Earth, but I digress.) And had one of my tires explode and nearly crashed in a ditch in the middle of fucking nowhere. 
  • I've been through, what, six jobs now? Yeah. Finding steady work when you don't have a job set up moving across country is harder than you'd expect. Luckily I've finally managed to find one that I think is a winner. I think. 
  • Had to live in someone's grandma's house for three months, under the iron fist of a stuck up bitch who likes to use myself and my girlfriend as a convenient one size fits all scapegoat. Fun times. 
  • FINALLY find an apartment after dozens of failures and hilariously overpriced apartments (One beds run on average 1,000 bucks a month, even if you're 20 miles away from Houston.) and finally starting to get a grip on my life. 
  • Lots and loooots of personal drama/trauma that I'll spare you the details of. 
  • And...and...well that's about the gist of it. 
All and all, I've been through some shit. Finally getting better though. 


However, I'm running tight on cash again (due to being out of work for a month and title loans and bills and lots of other fun things) so predictably: 


 I'm opening up the commission shop again! 


This time I'm keeping it simple, I will sketch any character or anything, for 5 bucks a pop. More finished products can be done if you're willing to pay a nominal fee, but we can work that out. Generally speaking I wouldn't go over 20 bucks per character fully colored and finished. I'm flexible, we can work that out until we reach an agreeable price. I'd also be willing to do short sketch comics as well, again, for a nominal feeIf you want examples of my sketch work, just check out my gallery, that should give you a good idea as to what you're in for. Lastly, I won't charge you a dime until you see something that you are completely satisfied with. Period. 

So yeah, if anyone's interested in a quick sketch and you got some loose change, drop me a line! 

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope you all are doing better than I am. Green

Take it easy guys



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Hey dude! Poking my head into deviantart for the first time in many many years and enjoyed another good chuckle at your chaos control-alt-delete sketch. Just awesome. Not sure you check your deviantart anymore but hope you're well man!
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